Saturday, November 12, 2016

Welcome to our Keynote Mr Markus Giebel, Eternity Clinics, UAE

Markus Giebel is the CEO and co-owner of Eternity, previously the CEO of Deyaar, a publically traded company, and Vice President of Corning, a Fortune 500 technology company in the US. He serves on several company boards and has more than 25 patents registered in his name. Working from Dubai, Markus Giebel recognised early that predictive and preventive healthcare, or age management, is fast developing into a multi-billion Dollar global market. His vision was, with the correct screening and intervention, people need no longer wait to get sick before late-stage diseases were treated and cured. Within the next ten years, he said, annual health screening would be as commonplace as regular inspections are for your car today. The current sick-care system would evolve into a genuine health-care system. At every regular car inspection nowadays, your car is plugged into an analytical computer system that provides vital data. Predictive and preventive healthcare works on the same principle and, in future, sophisticated computer systems will support your physician in his diagnosis and decision-making processes.

Title: How SAM Is Revolutionizing Traditional Sick Care in the Middle East to a New Model of Predictive and Preventive Healthcare

Schedule: Day 1, Thursday Nov 17, 2016 10:15-11:00

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